At Express Image we listen to your needs and develop innovative solutions to deliver your project on time and within budget. We continuously analyse the latest technological advances in equipment, materials and processes. We invest in highly qualified and experienced employees. We do this all for you the customer, because without you there is no "we".


Express Image is home to a whole host of services, including printing, finishing, application, life-of-part pricing, and digital signage --just to name a few.

PRODUCTS Express Image is proud to offer a wide variety of products.


Our long history of providing labels for the Original Equipment Manufacture industry gives you an advantage in getting the ideal materials and adhesives for your specific application.

As we have both digital and screen printing capabilities, we have the advantage of being able to offer very competitive pricing for both large and small orders. Both of these printing processes have many constructions that are engineered to perform in outdoor applications.


Our mission, our story, and our staff.


Let us help you express your image! Fully understanding your needs with a commitment to your success is the basis of our commitment to making it easy for you to work with us.


For over 65 years, Express Image has offered unique and powerful digital and screen printed graphic solutions to the OEM and Retail industries. Helping companies drive costs out of product and processes, our printing solutions are custom tailored to meet your needs today, and can be scaled to fit your business tomorrow.


Meet the team! Our team is actively committed to helping you every step of the way, with our vast expertise.


ROGER is the proud CEO/OWNER of Express Image. Father to Jeff Sarenpa, ROGER has been with Express Image since January of 1982 (but rest assured, he does indeed go home every night).

JEFF is part owner and has been with Express Image for over 30 years. He has performed nearly every task in the company until finally becoming President in 1999. JEFF takes great pride in keeping Express Image the most technologically advanced and most responsive company in the industry. He also loves computer programming and has written and continues to modify most of Express Image’s in-house software. JEFF’s drive for innovation keeps Express Image continually looking for new ways to add value for our customers.

The printing business has literally been JEFF'S life's work. It all started out in 1984 where JEFF had his first taste of the biz. He spent 18 years learning all he could about printing. From there, his passion propelled him to jump at the chance to move forward with his career. In 2002 JEFF found opportunity at Express Image, where he continues to serve as the VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES & MARKETING. JEFF carries a lot of responsibility not only as a business man, but also as a father. His sons' hockey and lacrosse activities keep JEFF on his toes.

KELSEY has been a crucial part of the Express Image team since October of 2008. Serving as both CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and TECHNICAL SUPPORT MANAGER, in the CSR Department, KELSEY brings superior attention to detail and extensive knowledge in estimates, project management, and customer satisfaction. And no, despite his LinkedIn profile picture, KELSEY is not a Transformer (or robot in disguise).

Graduating from the College of Visual Arts in St Paul, Minnesota TERRI joined the Express Image team in September of 2007. Her strong organizational skills in addition to her artistic talent, have earned her the position as both ART DIRECTOR and PRODUCTION ART MANAGER. But her dedication doesn't stop there. TERRI is also a stellar mother of two.

CHERI’S journey with Express Image began in February of 1995 as Office Manager, where she was in charge of all office duties, Human Resources, and Accounts Payable & Receivable. She even wrote the first Employee Handbook! CHERI then moved into the digital area of the shop. Here CHERI continued to push her capabilities, and as a result she took on more and more responsibility until eventually landing her current role as PRODUCTION FLOOR MANAGER.

Meet BRENDA, the EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATOR for Express Image. BRENDA has been with the company since June 2010. She coordinates office inquiries and scheduling. As such, BRENDA is an instrumental part of the team, and Express Image is proud to have her.


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